The ffsimulator package uses bootstrap resampling to run fantasy football season simulations supported by historical rankings and nflfastR data, calculating optimal lineups, and returning aggregated results. This can quickly run your league through hundreds of seasons and may help you study:

  • expected season finishes and range of outcomes
  • player contributions to season wins
  • roster constructions
  • effects of (potential) trades
  • and more!

This package is part of the ffverse family of R packages for fantasy football analysis.


Install the stable version of this package from CRAN or the ffverse r-universe repository:

install.packages("ffsimulator") # CRAN
install.packages("ffsimulator", repos = "")

Install the development version with either DynastyProcess’s r-universe or remotes + GitHub:

# DynastyProcess's r-universe
install.packages("ffsimulator", repos = "")

# or via GitHub c/o remotes/devtools: # install.packages('remotes')

The development version has a separate documentation site here.


A season simulation can be run as follows:


foureight_conn <- mfl_connect(2021, 22627)

foureight_sim <- ff_simulate(conn = foureight_conn, n_seasons = 25, n_weeks = 14)


Please also see the

vignettes for more detailed introductions.

Getting help

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Terms of Use

The R code for this package is released as open source under the MIT License. Fantasy football and NFL data accessed by this package belong to their respective owners, and are governed by their terms of use.